A dōjō (道場) is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. This is traditionally in the field of martial arts, but has been seen increasingly in other fields, such as meditation and software development. The term literally means "Place of the Way" in Japanese

The word dōjō originates from Buddhism. Initially, dōjō were adjunct to temples and were formal training places for any of the Japanese arts ending in "-dō", from the Chinese Tao (or Dao), meaning "way" or "path". Sometimes meditation halls where Zen Buddhists practice zazen meditation were called dōjō.

Circle Dojo is a place of learning, personal development and empowerment through the consistent practice of Fitness exercises and Martial Arts techniques.


Australian Institute of Fitness 2020-2021

Provision of First Aid, CPR
Certificate III Fitness Coach
Certificate IV Personal Trainer
Master Trainer Level 1


THUMP Boxing Australia 2021

Boxing for Fitness Instructor Level 1
Advanced Boxing Instructor

THUMP Boxing Australia 2022

Super KickBOX Instructor